Plan to succeed

The people you care for often have all manner of plans created in all manner of meetings. These may be IEPs, safety plans, behaviour plans, family plans, nutrition plans, medication plans, therapy plans or any number of other plans. The sheer volume of them can be overwhelming for a caregiver, and they don't always take into account all the parts that are needed to put into practice. Let us work with you and the other professionals involved to boil them down into actions that can be taken and ways to measure their success.

Plans into Action

Step one is to look at all the planning and reporting requirements and boil them all down into the specific things you need to do. We can help you do that and get you speaking the ways that the other professionals can hear

Meaningful Data Collection

One of the most important jobs as a caregiver is to keep good track of your good work. We can build simple, easy-to-use data collection tools for you to track progress on all the plans. From there you can see the amazing progress the person you are caring for has made and positively communicate it to all the other professionals.